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a tile laying strategy game

2-4 players

45-60 minutes

a roll & write companion game

1-4 players

30-45 minutes

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with artwork by the legendary Ian O'Toole


Cascadero is the newest epic strategy game from acclaimed designer Reiner Knizia. Players act as ministers to El Cascadero, visiting towns by placing their envoys adjacent to these towns. But towns are distrustful of single envoys, so newly placed envoys will only trigger town scoring when they are part of an established group. Even greater success can be found in towns with Royal Messengers. Use your wits to rack up successes as you compete to become El Cascadero’s favored minister.


And joining the lineup is the smaller sibling, Cascadito. Cascadito retains the challenging, combotastic core of Cascadero while providing a refreshingly unique and complementary experience. Players are limited to the dice options on the table, and must watch their opponent’s routes carefully to thwart their plans. This smaller, quicker game packs a punch with a solo mode and 4 unique maps, which are guaranteed to provide hours of strategic fun. 

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