Rabbit Hole Review

The Azul pill (Morpheus forgot to offer this option)

Kickstarter projects have used many effective tools to earn pledges from myself and many others. These tools include:

  1. Get straight to the point with your campaign video and page. Why should I be excited about your project becoming a reality? (Wavelength)
  2. Low-risk rewards and strong design credibility makes the pledge button easier to click (Button Shy’s wallet games).
  3. Quality and consistency earns attention and loyalty (Dice Throne).
  4. Alluring presentations and illuminating playthroughs are critical to influencing hesitant backers (Sleeping Gods, Calico).
  5. High standards and hot streaks are the fastest route to super fans (GPS, Sequoia, Mountain Goats, Oath).
  6. Meaningful upgrades and add-ons are the best shovels for digging deeper into my wallet (Railroad Ink Challenge).
  7. Reliable brands and try-before-you-buy is a great way to earn unsolicited volunteers and proactive supporters (Bristol 1350).
  8. Listening and responding to backers will gain the trust of current and prospective supporters (Kemet: Blood and Sand).
  9. A solid game will be successful (Whale Riders), but a solid game with a hook will flourish.

This concludes my series on How to Win Backers and Crowdfund Projects – A Case Study. Thanks for tuning in! Do you have any personal examples of how a Kickstarter project won you over? Share below!

Article written by Nick. He is inspired by the stellar work of all the individuals involved in the Kickstarter campaigns mentioned above. He is looking forward to playing these games plus many more (including those on his most anticipated games of 2020 list).

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