Introducing Social Grooming...

3-10 Players

20 Minutes

Social Grooming is a communal ritual most elegantly performed by majestic beasts known as primates.  It is the act of removing dirt, insects, and debris from the difficult-to-reach and difficult-to-see places of each other’s fur.  Reciprocation is expected and awarded in this kind of monkey business!  The player who acquires the most diverse and exotic collection of groomed goods will earn the respect of their fellow primates and be awarded the golden banana of victory!

Players are primates who start out with a personal deck of facedown cards.  Without looking at the card(s) in their hand, players simultaneously trade or keep their hand, one or two cards at a time, to form a personal collection.  Once all cards have been traded or kept, players tally their collections and the highest score wins!  But be careful—pairs can cancel out and special cards are not always helpful!

Similar to the popular game, Hanabi, players hold their cards facing away from themselves… but instead of being a cooperative memory game, Social Grooming is a competitive negotiation and bluffing game.  Things get even more interesting once players realize that every card can either be very good or very bad for one’s collection, depending on the context.  You’ll have to convince your opponents to keep bad cards for them and give great cards to you if you want to swing away with the win.

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