2-5 Players | 30 Minutes | Ages 14+

Legend tells of the abandoned Spectral Manor coming to life at the stroke of midnight on a Crimson Moon — an event that rarely takes place more than once per century. On that night and that night alone, vast treasures appear in certain rooms granting unspeakable wealth to those brave enough to find and claim them. But those who enter this mansion do so at their peril, as some rooms awaken ghosts and curses which claim any who are foolish enough to enter. Rumors speak of glyphs and sigils found within the manor only on Crimson Moon night; these markings offer hints and clues — indicating both where treasures can be found and where paranormal traps lie in wait.

In Spectral, players control competing bands of treasure hunters. These bands enter the Spectral Manor on the night of the Crimson Moon and race to uncover and stake out the locations of the treasures before midnight. As they discover and decipher the glyphs, they’ll carefully avoid rooms where demons secretly slumber and selfishly keep such information from their rivals. Meanwhile, locations of the manor that promise to conjure the most treasure will see multiple clans clashing over the territory. Through deduction, bidding, betting, and bluffing, players will uncover and harness the secrets within. The game ends after a player has placed out all of their treasure hunters or if all players consecutively pass. The band who claims the most treasure while avoiding cursed rooms will come away victorious.


  • Strong player interaction on a shared board with push-your-luck risk taking in this haunted manor treasure hunt
  • A refreshing combination of mechanisms including inter-card worker placement, auction-style betting, and clever deduction
  • Non-fragile logic deduction (nobody can accidentally give out bad info and break the game)
  • A satisfyingly tailored experience with multiple challenge levels (beginner mode, standard mode, and advanced modules)
  • Immersive artwork and graphics by Kwanchai Moriya and Brigette Indelicato (the art team behind Zoo Vadis)

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