Kyle joins Nick to discuss games they’ve been playing recently:

Lost Legacy – 4:08 
Winner’s Circle – 10:47
Cascadia – 18:33
Spyrium – 27;14
My City – 34:37
Parade – 42:39

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  1. Philip

    I am interested in getting a Knizia betting game some time. What do you think of Winner’s Circle vs Equinox/Colossal Arena?

    1. Nick Murray

      Hey Philip! I would recommend Equinox first for a variety of reasons:
      -It’s cheaper and more readily available

      -It works better at a wider player count (I wouldn’t play Winner’s Circle below 4 players, but I would play Equinox)

      -It’s faster

      -I enjoy Equinox a bit more overall (it’s more thinky, cutthroat, and strategic)

  2. Philip

    Thank you for the quick response. Slight shift in topic. Do you own either of the expansions for The Quest for El Dorado? If so, what do you think of them? How highly do you recommend them?

    1. Nick Murray

      We have The Golden Temples! I’ve heard mixed reactions about Heroes & Hexes, which is why I haven’t bothered to try it.

      I do like Golden Temples, and I think it works well as a standalone game and as a combined epic experience (with the base game). Now that you bring it up, I’m actually quite keen to try it again soon. There were some weird, minor concerns that cropped up in our initial play of the standalone game, but Knizia Games usually deserve the benefit of the doubt when it comes to these kinds of concerns, and I suspect the game will become more competitive for us with more plays:

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