Gifts for your Significant Other

Super-Skill Pinball: 4:Cade – $25 MSRP

If your lover is a lover of pinball or roll & writes, then you simply must gift them with Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade. My wife and I have had a blast playing this together lately. You can read my thoughts about this delightfully thematic game here.

Curious Cargo – $35 MSRP

I’ve had my eye on Curious Cargo ever since it’s announcement, and we are now a mere week away from its release. This game utilizes the same style of windy pipe tiles featured in 2019 hit, Pipeline, but trims away the economic heaviness of its predecessor to focus in on the spatial puzzle that many Pipeline fans have come to love. Curious Cargo pits you against one opponent in a head-to-head battle of wits. You’ll be wracking your brain to create the optimal network of conveyor tiles while interfering with your opponent’s logistics plans of shipping and receiving cargo.

Crokinole – $250+

No gift guide is ever complete without the legendary Crokinole! This one’s for those of you who really want to treat your significant other. A high quality board will usually run you upwards of $250, but this is the kind of family heirloom that you will treasure for decades of fun. Something about the way the discs glide like ice cubes across the board, clack into each other, and sink their way into the center hole make for one of the most tactilely satisfying experiences of all time. Crokinole has been a huge hit with my friends and family as it blurs the line between accessible board game and competitive sport. The year I asked for a Crokinole board, all other Christmas presents on my behalf were sacrificed to appease the budget gods (I have no regrets). It will forever remain one of my all time favorite tabletop games and Christmas presents.

Undaunted: North Africa

I’ve never been naturally attracted to war-themed board games, but the Undaunted series has eased its way into my top-tier 2-player games list with its tense, streamlined gameplay. I’m always thrilled to play Undaunted because it packs a huge punch for a game that usually plays in under an hour. You can opt for the newer Undaunted: North Africa or the original Undaunted: Normandy, but in my opinion, you really can’t go wrong with either option.


If a simple card game with only six unique cards (all a different pattern) sounds more your significant other’s speed, then Mandala is a stellar option! This 30-minute game is abstract, so it’s difficult to explain exactly what makes it special. Mandala is elegant, fast, and tense, and it contains a surprising amount of depth that reveals itself over many sessions of competitive fun.

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